Friday, September 02, 2005

Zonkey <3

The adulterers bore me. If anyone wants to post about their adventures, they totally can, but I've had my cheating scumbag fix for the month. Our conclusion? Eh, there really isn't one. Adulterers are funny from the security of an email, especially when they send you hairy anus pictures without provokation. Chuckle. Since we've been mired in this intellectual insanity for weeks, it's time to dedicate an entry to Kelly Clarkson and zonkeys.

You kind of look like a two-bit hooker there, but no matter.
Kelly Clarkson is what would happen if you took the star power of Celine Dion and fed it food once in a while. She really started off on the wrong foot with that fucking 'A Moment Like This' song. That was horrid, mostly because Canadian Cuntsack Roommate used to sing it all the time. It was also sucky and sounded like Faith Hill on prozac. BUT, there was a light at the end of the tunnel, for Kelly found her niche on her second album: badass songs that Emma can bop her fluffy head to. There's only one bad song out of 12 on this baby, and the one somehow got released as a single, "Because of You." If she doesn't win 23 Grammys for that album, I give up. On life. My writing is deteriorating again because I'm getting excited. I'll stop prattling on and let you soak in the wonderment that is Kelly Clarkson.
P.S. American Idol should have stopped after the first season. They've had the Star Jones lookalike and Clay Gaykin. Ew. I think that's what Kathie Griffin calls him. Kathie Griffin is funnier than a rabid Swedish immigrant. (If you know what that alludes to, I'll dedicate an entry to you.)


Time for some zonkey goodness.


Equals dot dot dot.

Does anyone know how to crazy glue a moldy bookcase? My Steinbecks are homeless come il lupo.


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