Wednesday, February 28, 2007

BRags issues a call for help!

Friends of Weenie Enema,

Yes it's true. I need help with my Senior Thesis. I'm conducting a phone survey and trying to get at least 500, hopefully 1000 responses. For this, I need volunteers to call people. Ideally, I'd like volunteers to collect 10-20 surveys each from phone numbers I provide. If I get 50-100 volunteers, it should be easy to reach my goal responses. The survey takes about 2-3 minutes to complete over the phone.

I'll be presenting my completed thesis in Chicago to the invitational Midwestern Political Science Association Conference, and I'm seeking publication after that. Those who assist in survey collection will be credited in the paper. All volunteers recieve my unending thanks. I'm looking for just 30 min to an hour of your time. You can probably count this as community service.

Please let me know if you can help and I'll send you the survey and some phone numbers.

For those who want to know, my Thesis is about the way Americans view warfare. It involves movies and American mass media's effect on the way Americans understand and choose to support or oppose a particular war. Below is an illustration, from the text:

(c) 2007 Nicholas Gurewitch. Used with permission.


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