Monday, February 05, 2007

Introduction of Beretta Mego (guest post)

As a new entity on this blog I feel i should introduce myself. I am the fiancee of BRags (Bobbie Ragsdale) and have quickly become friends with one Ms. E.E. Grimshaw. I was mentioned in a previous interview with BRags. I'm Meghan Jorgenson, the long time best friend from 7th grade that he spent Thanksgiving '06 with and had a part in his break up with GrrrlVicious.

So that aside I will tell you a little about me. I'm a 22 year old Accounting student at LSU. I was born and raised in Louisiana. My parents divorced when I was 3 and my dad remarried when I was 6. I have a half sister named Julia who is 13. I live in Baton Rouge with my 3 year old dog, Lucy Bear, and my 4 year old cat, Smokey.

I went to a small private school from the age of 2 until I was in 8th grade. This is where I met BRags. We met in sixth grade but didn't become best friends until 7th grade. We bonded on a level uncommon to the normal 7th grader. We grew to be really close over the years. We always stayed in touch somehow (usually Instant Messenger).

I went to high school in the city of New Orleans. High school Sucked! Girls are unnecessarily vicious and boys are after one thing no matter how good of friends you think they are. I have been in and out of therapy my entire life. My mom was always worried about my emotional well being. I only appreciated therapy when I went to my last therapist. In high school I did a lot of self reflection and attempted to improve myself in every way possible. I was spurred by a vicious girl I had befriended. She infiltrated my home life as well as my school life. I skipped school for a week and drove around all day just so I could get some peace of mind. When I got caught I was sent to a therapist. I wanted to go this time. He was an incredible mentor. He made me figure out my problems. I also had to figure out how to fix them myself. He would help me when I got stuck but he was teaching me an invaluable ability. He taught me to be honest with myself and to solve my own problems if they were solvable and how to deal with them if they aren't solvable. I was out of therapy in a few months with a mass amount of insight and knowledge. Shortly after I graduated and went to college.

In high school I lived by the motto that you should learn from every event in your life. If you learn something from a bad experience then it is now something good. This helped me keep an optimistic outlook on life. (People describe me as an extremely happy person. My nick name since middle school has been "giggles". Appropriately so, since I laugh or giggle all of the time. I just would rather laugh and enjoy life rather than be a sad or angry person.)

College was a whole new start for me. I no longer was shy. I let people see the real me and had a great time. Apparently too good of a time. I focused on my social life so much that my school work suffered. I eventually made the biggest mistake of my life and stopped going to class. Which led me to flunking out. I took a year off of school and figured some things out. I quickly straightened up and got back into school. It is such a tremendous effort to raise your GPA! I know this from experience. I'm still struggling to get it to an acceptable number. But, like I said, I learned from my mistakes. I love accounting and actually want to be in school. (I have been a math nerd for my entire life.)

Meanwhile my love life has always been a roller coaster. Bobbie was the first guy I ever said, "I love you" to. Freshman year of high school I dated a guy 3 years older than me. He and I had major problems. He was in love with me and I was trying to fix him. He had to be better then me and if he wasn't he would just avoid doing things with me. The last straw was the year of accusations I received. I was accused of cheating on a daily basis. (I never once cheated.) I broke it off after 2 years when, I couldn't handle the emotional burden anymore. There were a few flings and then I had my next boyfriend. The end of my junior year I dated an extremely intelligent but a party hardy guy. We spent 2 and a half years together before we ended it. He was a great guy and we are still best of friends and love each other. We were just taking different roads in our lives and heading in separate directions (metaphorically speaking). We are much happier as friends. I quickly rebounded into the worst relationship of my life that lasted about a year. He was as sweet as could be for about 6 months and then his temper started to show. After about 9 months he went from emotional abuse to physical abuse. Don't worry I'm a tough cookie. I grew up with all boys and had learned to hold my own in a fight. He got hurt worse than I ever did I think. The emotional abuse hurt more than anything else. I kicked him out when things escalated to a point that started to really worry me. I dated a few friends after that. Bad idea. I learned guys are jerks even guys you have known for a while.

This is when I started to really get upset. I finally got back in touch with BRags (who I had lost contact with for the past two years). I was upset and told him he needs to come home and take me on a real date. Cause I knew he was a sincere and nice guy and would treat me the way I wanted and deserved to be treated. He breaks my heart and tells me he is engaged ( I guess I deserved it for breaking his heart in the 8th grade). I gave him a tongue lashing for not telling me when he got engaged. He informed me he was coming home for Thanksgiving and we should hang out. (I had heard this before and was let down in previous holiday attempts to "catch up".) I talked to him almost everyday and told him I was going to be home (in New Orleans) alone for Thanksgiving. He agreed to spend it with me to avoid the annoying comments about his fiancee.

I should probably mention I was dating a friend of mine who I thought was a nice guy at the time. So BRags invitation was completely platonic. I had no intentions that anything more would happen between us. Just so that is clear.

BRags came in and I picked him up from the airport. We stayed at my home in Crown Point. We drove back and forth from Crown Point,LA to Diamondhead,MS every day. We spent a lot of time singing oldies in the car and talking. We seemed to have picked up right where we had left off. We still had that strange bond and connection we always had. I became alarmed by his family's worries of his impending marriage. They said they hadn't seen him as happy as he was with me in years. In a car ride back to Louisiana I asked him to tell me about his fiance. We started talking and I told him how I felt about marriage. I told him how I felt about a lot of things. I also told him I would support him whatever he decided to do despite his families wishes. The hour and a half long conversation was indeed an interesting one. I found out he was unhappy. I also found out how much he cared for me.

In the end he decided he had to break off his engagement. He knew at the time he may never have a shot with me but, he had to take the risk. He left to go back to New York and I was left to think about things. I knew if I was going to date him, he would be the last guy I dated. I was not deciding to just date him I was deciding whether or not I was going to marry him. BRags and I talked everyday until he came home again for Christmas. I was still dating (if you could call it that) when BRags came in. He stayed with me for a little over two weeks over the holidays. I was stood up on the day before Christmas Eve and it made me miss BRags so much. He was in Diamondhead and I was in Crown Point. I called him and talked to him for an hour. I quickly realized he is always the guy I turn to. The whole reason we were even spending the holidays together was because I wanted to go on a date with him.

I went to Diamondhead the next day and was unbelievably nervous. I had finally made my decision. I wanted to be with Bobbie. He gave me the most thoughtful and surprising gift and melted my heart. He was everything I wanted in a partner. I was still nervous though I was afraid to hurt him. The day after Christmas I finally kissed him and made "us" an official couple. We spent a week together after the kiss and I have never felt so loved or felt so much love for someone else.

Before he left I told him I knew he was the one I wanted to marry. Shortly after he returned to West Point we decided the wedding should be soon. S o I have been busy throwing a wedding together. I've completed all the details in less than a month. I'm really proud of this accomplishment.

So... Everyone should now be thoroughly introduced to me. Y'all should be up to date on BRags and my relationship. EE Grimshaw is hoping to be able to set up an interview with me soon. (details are TBA) I look forward to any questions and promise to answer anything you throw at me. As I told Ms. Grimshaw I don't care if people don't like me as long as they get to know the real me first. Judge me for who I am not what you think I am. (Emma said I should throw this in here)

BTW- Ms. Grimshaw has nick named me Beretta Mego. Due to the picture below. I have quickly grown fond of this nick name. Anyway I look forward to meeting y'all for my interview.

Until next time.... Beretta Mego out.


At 11:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beretta Mego rocks.

I am also a huge fan of Drunk Erin.


At 2:02 PM, Blogger BerettaMego said...

Well Thanks!!

At 8:35 AM, Blogger Wardens World said...

I'm sorry if it sounds mean, but that is officially the most boring blog post I have ever read. What's next, someone's 8th grade diary entry? She should get her own blog which should in turn be read aloud to prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. Who cares about her shallow life? Oooh, I'm a happy, positive person inside my little happy world! Giggles indeed! Only the clueless Alana would weigh in on the positive side. Didn't the phrase something "rocks" go out in the fucking 1980s. (Still supporting the war from your luxury east side apartment, alana!?) Boy, that post set the blogosphere back a good 10 years or so. C'mon, Emma, you can do much much better than that.

At 9:50 AM, Blogger e.e.grimshaw said...

Haha Barry, you're totally lying about being sorry if it sounds mean, but no matter. I've gotten quite a bit of shizzle for allowing Beretta Mego to have an introductory post, chiefly because a) you're right, no one really cares about Beretta Mego, despite her connections with our favorite interview subject, and b) it is no substitute for my upcoming blog entry about hot guys with three word names. I thank you for the time, and everyone loves a good Alana zing.
EE Grimshaw

At 10:28 AM, Blogger Wardens World said...

No problema, Emma. It's just that post was so un-Weenie-like, if you will. And I did feel a little bad, even though of course I'm 100 percent right. For the record, tho, I don't have a middle name, and I never forgave my parents for that oversight; what, they can think of middle names for my brother and sister, but then the inspiration ends? But feel free to make one up if you just have to include me! I keed, I keed... I know my own posts can tend to be monotonous, but I'm just keeping an historical record so that my future biographers will have a template on which to build. By the way, say hello to gonzovin for me. I believe his middle name is Guido, is it not?

At 6:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Barry's still bitter that I wouldn't "have drinks" with him.

And that was like 2 years ago.


At 8:37 AM, Blogger J. Mark English said...

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At 8:44 AM, Blogger Wardens World said...

Uh, Alana, all I remember is the role you played in getting me fired. Do you recall how when you started the job and didn't know what the hell you were doing I was nothing but supportive of you. Then when you had the job down, all you did all day every day was travel from cubicle to cubicle, desperate for attention, spouting your tiresome cliches and pop-cultural observations, apparently with no work ethic whatsoever, and then when i tried to get some actual done in my department on a deadline as we tried to get an issue out, you would sit your butt down next to emmanuel and continue your childish drivel until I threw you out of there! I hope you're working your ass off now that the staff has been cut. Don't think I forgot how you went and cried your phony crocodile tears to Jason and Terry and helped get me fired. So that you can be proud of, but I'm so glad to be out of that Romper Room situation I can't even put it into words. I know you told Abbi at one point that you second-guessed yourself for getting me sacked, as you had to do some actual work, such is your level of hypocrisy. Typical of a Bush supporter. So yeah, i detest you and it is just laughable that you deluded yourself into thinking I was interested in being seen in public with your Bride of Frankenstein-like appearance. You're one of the most reprehensible, gutless people I've ever encountered in my 46 years aboard the planet. You suck as a human being. Wishing you the absolute worst, Barry the Great

At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um Barry..... I still have a job and I'm pretty.




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