Monday, January 29, 2007

A Birthday Party In Which The Guest of Honor Was Unaware of the Aforementioned Party.

We rarely sink to the depths of diary-like entries, but when a hardcore shindig occurs at Weenie Enema HQ, it is necessary to file a brief report on the festivities. As most loyal readers are aware, Olivia, the cat of Meow Mix House fame, celebrated her birthday this past weekend with roughly 10-15 people, most of whom never actually had any direct contact with the feline. That didn't stop several people from bringing ice cream cakes, birthday cards and weird catnip-laced playthings for Olivia, all of which will undoubtedly be appreciated once Olivia stops staring at the red sheet on the side of the futon.
Courtesy of DB Bogangles, a willing and able substitute for our usual photographer, Michelle, who was in Spokane for figure skating shizzle:

Although Bogangles strategically placed the catnip sack near Olivia's line of vision, it was sadly ignored and later put next to the food bowl, which Olivia will probably visit in the next few days. In the bottom portion of the picture, you can see the corner of Disney's Aladdin on VHS. Only the best.

She's...kind of looking at it. After this photo was taken, the party guests accepted fate, and a system of mutual ignoring took place between the birthday girl and the attendees.

Psychologically speaking, we thought Olivia would be able to handle the influx of humans much better if stuffed animals were brought along to even out the human/animal equation. It is not known if Olivia even saw the faux cats, bears and octopi, but Big Bear loved being in the middle of the crowded papasan chair with his newly acquired homies.

And in case you feel bad because you weren't invited or you decide to flake out and not attend, you SHOULD feel pretty crappy, because you missed...a DVD viewing of the 1996 Olympics Gymnastics Finals!! Which...may be a burned DVD that I got on eBay that goes a bit apeshit during the balance beam rotation, specifically Dominique Dawes' performance. I think we turned it off to belt out some Backstreet Boys circa 1997 before Kerri decided to sever her ankle tendons.


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