Monday, December 11, 2006

A Blogroll Update of Sorts.

I generally do not indulge in many of the preconceived blogger practices, though I make exceptions for Karol's blogger parties and the occasional legitimate link. However, inspired by Barry, I have decided to update the blogroll on the side of the blog as a combination of a shoutout to blogger acquaintances and a promotion of political sites that I look at daily for my news intake.
1. WardensWorld.
Barry used to work with me at the Transcript, and he has proven to be a fairly reliable commentator on Weenie Enema. What I enjoy even more is when he goes over to Alarming News and starts shizzle with the right-wing commentators. It tends to ooze profanity and mouthdroppingly obscene target practice, and I am kind of all about that. I think his blog is prettier than mine, and if you're into football and left-wing political shizzle, go on over there.

2. Kesher Talk.
Judith slays me. She has gone out of her way several times to compliment me, and if you will recall, she was the badass wearing the UN Rapist sticker at Karol's party. While my blog material NEVER overlaps with hers, maybe that's a good thing, because you can go to her blog knowing that you're not going to find any of her material over here. It's mostly current events from a Jewish perspective, which I enjoy. Thumbs up.

3. Rush-Mush.

This is Ivan Lenin's blog. He was the delightful Belarussian Commie impersonator who won my heart at...whatever creepy bar that was with the perfumed hamburgers that tasted like poo. We're supposed to hang out one of these days. And I suggest keeping a close eye on his blog, since you definitely want to see him do a Lenin impersonation in Union Square when you can.

4. Patterico's Pontifications.
I don't know Patterico. I wish I did. Karol says he's hot. But he's a Republican lawyer who has an extremely well-written blog that provides legal analysis and almost daily skewering of the LA Times. You know. If you're into that.

5. Mary Katherine Ham.
I HEART MKH. MKH is the new SJP. She's a relative newcomer, considering that hardcore stalwarts like Michelle Malkin have been around for several years, and I think her blog has only been up for a few months. But I'm pretty sure she was blogging on other sites. Anyway, she's incredibly funny, and if you get a chance, I heartily recommend her HamNation video blogs. <3.

6. Power Line.
I'm not an expert on these matters, but I have to assume that Power Line is one of the top two or three conservative blogs out there, based on traffic, quality and number of posts per day. They make me look positively lazy. If you're a political junkie, they're It. It in quotations.

7. Captain's Quarters.
I'm not sure what appeals to me about Captain Ed, but he's such a sweetheart, and just...very rational and easy to understand. The random knowledge that comes out of his head just blows my mind. But if you're someone who just wants to hear about a few top stories every morning, he is the go-to guy.

I'm pretty sure the rest of the blogs were already up. I got rid of Jeffrey Grimshaw's site, because he's been irritating me over the last 48 hours and I'm mildly immature, and Morgan's law school blog got taken down because of social cliquey weirdness at her law school. If law students can get cunty about blogs, what chance do we have in this cruel, cruel world?


At 4:41 AM, Blogger Judith said...

Wow. They like me, they really like me . . . .

I don't have to go out of my way to compliment you, Emma, because you are Coolness defined. I mean, sports presidents and bears. And play by plays of entertainment awards. And gymnasts. I am so in awe of people who can actually KEEP UP WITH AND MASTER POP CULTURE, while the dweeb that I am can only write about politics and Jewish holidays.

I'm sorry I missed your party, I just came back from Israel with a cold.

At 4:55 AM, Blogger Judith said...

PS I think you and Benjamin Kerstein should get married. You are so made for each other.


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