Monday, October 17, 2005

So I'm behind a little...

but that behind belongs to this man:

holy shit.
ps. Tea, I hate you.

Anyway, the point was, in all of EEG's orgasming over The Little Mermaid (and any and all orgasming is entirely appropriate--this movie was the love of my life for at least a year) she didn't even manage to post a pic of the way more appropriate original VHS case that I own. I will remedy her mistake now.

Don't you remember all the fun you had trying to find the penis on the cover? (I didn't find it until 2 months ago after 16 long years of searching. I'm pathetic.)

Hopefully, EEG won't forget to mention all the sexual references and allusions made in the other Disney movies considered classic to us not-really-Gen-Xers-but-not-quite-Gen-Yers.


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