Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Cat is Literate and Ned Lamont Hurts My Soul.

I promised Alana that I would post a picture of Olivia basically reading Babysitters Club #11 Kristy and the Snobs. That's the one where Kristy's loyal dog Louie has to be put to sleep and her supposedly snobby, but obviously misunderstood neighbor Shannon gives her a golden retriever puppy to cancel out his loss. They name it Shannon. Olivia really liked it because it was one of the more animal-centric books in the BSC series. In fact, I can't think of another one. Boo-Boo Brewer was mentioned often in the Babysitters Little Sister series and the Papadakisis' pets are recurring characters (Myrtle the turtle, Noodle the poodle and Pat the cat). I'll have to get back to everyone on that.

Also, Joe Lieberman just announced that he's officially running as an Independent, so I'm moving to Conneticut and voting for him. I'm also leaving threatening messages on my cousin's Facebook wall to vote, but I don't think he knows what a Senator is.


And on another Olivia note, Olivia has three cat toys now - a blue plastic milk ring, a red shoelace and a Cocoa Puff. She is amazing.


At 10:18 AM, Blogger Firestarter said...

Politically, you are so with it. And I am just not.

I know nothing about this Joe Lieberman guy, but your cat rocks the house!

At 11:52 AM, Blogger WardensWorld said...

Good riddance to Joe Lieberman and his massive puppethead, fuck his wife too. I burn with hatred for the Cult of Bush and their devotees. Wow, amazing that a cat would play with a shoelace! All Lieberman cares about is the fate of Israel. He is not a good guy. Can you be more simplistic? He hid behind Bush's skirt when Bush was riding high, and Democrats didn't forget that. The vast majority of Dems supported ousting the Taliban in Afghanistan, but refused to conflate the war on terror with the invasion of Iraq because they have minds of their own, unlike Republicans who will support the cult of Reichsfuhrer Bush right up until it's time to drink the cyanide kool-aid. The right wing is out of ideas, save for the time-tested dementia of red-baiting and painting their opponents as Al-Qaeda appeasers. The fact that you have links to hateful bitches like Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter says it all. Stick to your semi-humorous pop culture obsessions, because unlike clueless firestarter, I don't think you are so politically with it. You see nothing wrong apparently with the culture of lobbyist corruption, Tom Delay, Jack Abramoff, shock and awe, tens of thousands of dead Iraqis, stolen elections, one-party rule, journalists paid by government contract to write pro-Bush articles here and abroad, anti-intellectualism, torture and rendition, or supporting the consensus worst president in history. I guess everyone who disagrees with you just hates freedom, right? But Ned Lamont you get worked up about. Get used to it, sweetheart, because you're gonna have to move to a lot of different states come November to offset a Democratic onslaught. Physician, heal thyself.

At 12:45 PM, Blogger e.e.grimshaw said...

"Stick to your semi-humorous pop culture obsessions, because unlike clueless firestarter, I don't think you are so politically with it."



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