Wednesday, August 09, 2006

If I Created My Own Country, I Would Bring Joe Lieberman With Me and Vote for Him Every Day.

Every once in a while, I forget why I follow politics. I used to think it was because watching powerful people embroiled in an unending game of tug-of-war, using words instead of muscles over the little things was what made this country interesting. Every two years, people get voted in and voted out, and you watch the political equilibrium shift, sometimes slightly, sometimes to the point where a different ideology comes to the forefront. It's a fascinating practice to watch, and everyone has something invested in it, whether they want to or not. I lose faith in the political process when I see a Conneticut primary like yesterday's unfold.
Joe Lieberman is a good man. His integrity is undisputable. Just six years ago, Lieberman was the Vice-Presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. Of course, he didn't get to that position just because he's a decent guy - it doesn't matter how genuine you are in politics, the very nature of your profession dictates that sometimes, you make calculated moves designed to appeal to a certain group of people. Joe was Jewish and personable. He had established himself as a moderate Democrat who was strong on national defense and advocated aggression overseas when he thought it necessary. That's why Joe was Al Gore's running mate. It's why anyone becomes somebody's running mate - they balance out political weaknesses.
But I'm not pissed off because the Democratic Party deserted a man they propped up so high only a few years ago. Politics is constantly changing in almost a perfectly complementary fashion to public opinion. I'm pissed off because Joe Lieberman, who runs for office based on some of the most simplistic concepts imaginable - he wants what's best for the people in his home state and he does what he thinks is right - was ousted by a millionaire who only had to say that he was anti-war. I'm pissed off because anyone who is old enough to vote and actually goes out of their way to punch a ballot should know better than to end someone's career because of one single view that they don't like. I'm pissed off because Joe Lieberman has never unequivocally supported the way the Iraq war was handled, and has consistently brought the Bush administration to task for underestimating everything in that war-riddled country. I'm pissed because I don't think that anyone who voted for Ned Lamont knows anything about him save that he's not Joe Lieberman. I'm pissed off because Joe Lieberman has been fighting earnestly for his constituents since I was four years old while Ned Lamont was making money. I'm pissed off because Hillary Clinton, whom I love for so many reasons, chose to lick her finger, stick it in the dank political atmosphere and automatically support the Democratic candidate, when Joe Lieberman has been by her side since she came into office in 2001. I'm pissed off because nobody in the Democratic Party is standing up and pointing out all of the other views Joe Lieberman has that have directly benefited the people in Conneticut and their own political party. I'm pissed off because unhinged, uncredible voices on the Internet played a significant role in this race. And I'm pissed off that, come November, the Democratic leadership is going to be fervently campaigning for a guy who isn't standing off to the side, with only his ethics and common decency still with him.


At 5:09 PM, Anonymous Karol said...

You are such a great write.

At 5:10 PM, Anonymous Karol said...

Uhhhhh "writer" that is. I am not such a great write.


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