Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Feline Reality Show Update.

I should have mentioned this before, since I know my readers are intensely curious about what happened to Olivia/Bambi in the Meow Mix House, but I feel my updates on her different toys more than make up for my heinous transgression. That said, Olivia did not win the competition - Cisco did. The one who looked exactly like Morris, the Nine Lives cat. Coincidence? Unlikely. Ellis got Viewer's Choice, which is the better indicator of the cats' worth than the fixed official contest sponsored by our friends at Meow Mix. Ellis was nobility defined, but I still say Opry should have won. If you are worried about how Olivia is coping in the wake of her stunning upset, you needn't. We bought two more cartons of skim milk yesterday, and though she will not be sampling the straight from the udder liquid, she now has a grand total of six blue milk carton rings to toss about the apartment at 2AM. So really, you should only feel sorry for me.

"Though Bambi may be leaving Meow Mix House, she’s not headed far. A loving owner in New York City, Emma Grimshaw, has agreed to care for her and give her the lifestyle she craves. In return, Meow Mix will send along a one-year supply of Meow Mix food, which Bambi reportedly stated was 'as scrumptious as anything I’ve tasted.'"


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