Friday, December 02, 2005

George, Mr. Clooney, if your NASTY!!!!

I am Queen of Dada. Especially as we enter Friday night when I just want to get a "40" of Olde English and kick it olde school style with my homies.

Oh what am I really trying to say? That George Clooney was the best thing about that ER show. I took it PERSONALLY when he left. And he doesn't even do guest appearances anymore!

Well, he never really did any, except for the one where Julianna Margulies runs after him all the way to Seattle. Who chases people to Seattle for god's sake? If you are observant you can see that he has grown that weird fisherman beard (I believe he was filming The Perfect Storm at the time).

But that Dr. Ross treated Julianna Margulies (aka. Nurse Hathaway) like crap. CRAP! When A man treats a woman the way Doug Ross treated Nurse Hathaway, there is seriously something seriously wrong with the relationship. And who cares if men can't commit. Some women can't commit, but that's besides the point.

And why is it that EVERYONE seems to end up giving birth to twins on television? What the fuck is that?

Anyway, Now I think George is a liberal commie pinko. If I ran into him I'd say "What's WRONG WITH YOU?! You were a doctor! You WERE so hot. You were the best pediatrician EVER but you had to go make SOLARIS. Solaris was, like, a re-make of Event Horizon which came out in like 1997. IT IS THE SAME PREMISE!!!!!!"

It pisses me off that Doug Ross (George Clooney) pisses me off now. I used to love him so much.

This is really the only thing I could muster at this hour on a Friday while probably suffering from some sort of ebola type bird flu.

There is more to this.

I will obviously have to add my observations of Leonardo Dicaprio (Lenny Dicap for short) at some other point because I've got to go.

But I will leave you with one word: Bloated.


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