Saturday, October 01, 2005

Blog Party of the Century

Hello EmmaFans, Look who's posting. I have emerged from perpetual lethargy to post pictures from last night's blog party adventures!

E.E. Grimshaw herself, reclining in Indian silk, as Bollywood films dance to the boom of Led Zeppelin.
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Tasteful Indian wall art.
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Fellow bloggers, standing awkwardly.
Image hosted by <br /><br />some of the evening's best lines:<br />(looking at bloggers)<br />me: well, these guys are kind of an untapped resource.<br />emma: what are you talking about? these guys probably have cobwebs on their penises!<br /><br />(after meeting the host)<br />emma: that was as suitably awkward as i imagined it-- me acting batshit insane, her smiling politely.<br /><br />(talking to a gay boy with amazing hair stuck straight up on end)<br />emma: the hair is amazing.<br />hairboy: yeah.<br />emma: it reminds me of kirsten dunst's little brother in hairboy: you know, two people have said that to me tonight.

I'm sure Emma will return with more stories in a future post.


At 6:58 PM, Blogger Trisha said...

It's amazing how us bloggers can look so normal... by the by, where do you hold your blogger parties? I'm in New Hampshire - that's not too far away is it? =D

- Trisha


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