Sunday, June 26, 2005

Justices and Shredders and Puggies, Oh My!

This is amazing. The background to that is that there's this Memorial Day air show they have every year in Missouri, and a bunch of protestors against the war show up with pamphlets, screeching about their right to free speech. Some people who don't necessarily like hearing epithets against the troops shouted at them have taken the initiative and have gone to the air show with little paper shredders for anyone who gets a pamphlet and doesn't want it anymore. A bit immature, but the second-to-last picture in the slideshow is totally worth it, whether you agree with the right to shred or not.
On a rather serious note, it appears that a Supreme Court Justice is going to step down within the next 10 days, especially considering that William Rehnquist has been coughing up his lungs for the past year or so and Sandra Day O'Connor's husband is at death's door. Conventional wisdom dictates it'll be Rehnquist, but he appears to be one of those tough old birds that refuses to acknowledge the reality of his mortality.
What's infinitely more fun than figuring out which Justice is going to retire is who Bush will nominate as the replacement. Anyone that's a step to the right is going to be bitchslapped by Barbara Boxer, who is this side of commie. In fact, I can't think of anyone who wouldn't be dragged through the gutter. Hmm. Except for Clint Eastwood. I feel a Hollywood Republican from the "old school" with a recent Oscar-awarding movie under his belt would glide through the nomination process smoothly.
He would write orgasm-worthy decisions. Fact.

In honor of...Sunday, it's time for a PUGGIE MONTAGE in honor of an amazing documentary on puggies I saw an hour ago.
I look like Samuel L. Jackson

Hah. He's in a sink. What a silly puggles.


I think something REALLY bad is about to go down here, but this is a family blog, so I won't elaborate

Genital cupping. I'm going to hell.

If pugs just started breeding on the streets...I feel that would be okay.


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