Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Transit Strikes are More Useless Than Decaffeinated Coffee or Anal Fissures.

I wasn't planning on writing again until after Thursday, when I am done with school forever. But since transit workers are giant cuntsacks, I got to work from home and thus had an hour to spare that would otherwise have been used for commuting purposes. However, I already wrote my soliloquey about why I hate strikes, so I don't feel like doing it again. Instead, I held an informal chatroom session to gauge the opinions of my loyal comrades.

For better understanding:
MyDadIsAWeenie - E. E. Grimshaw
HeroOfTimeLoZ - Kunal Dagli
HurricainFran - Drunk Erin
RumberoNYK - Anthony Salazar
devilishnyc - Devra Bogangles
OrangeX6 - Abbi Leman
RuSsIan MaRiAcHi - Igor Rusinov
Swooo705 - Swooo Dog

You have just entered room "strikebojangles."
HeroOfTimeLoZ: i think it'll be tough to find someone in support of the strike
HeroOfTimeLoZ: which means this forum will be biased
MyDadIsAWeenie: i bet i can find one
HeroOfTimeLoZ: who doesn't work for mta?
MyDadIsAWeenie: drunk erin, you are going to moderate
MyDadIsAWeenie: because you're from michigan and stuff
HurricainFran: Don't make me be useful
MyDadIsAWeenie: anthony, what do you think about the transit strike
RumberoNYK: it's a pain in the ass
MyDadIsAWeenie: granted, but do you support their right to strike
RumberoNYK: i paid 15 bucks to go to 57th and 9th
MyDadIsAWeenie: you did not!
RumberoNYK: and 15 to get back
RumberoNYK: yes
MyDadIsAWeenie: good god
HeroOfTimeLoZ: the cabs are running on some different system
MyDadIsAWeenie: yeah, they have zones and shizzle
RumberoNYK: yeea they're doing car pools
HeroOfTimeLoZ: it's ridiculous squared
MyDadIsAWeenie: squared?
HeroOfTimeLoZ: correct
MyDadIsAWeenie: hmm i wonder who the math major here is
HeroOfTimeLoZ: not exponentiated
HeroOfTimeLoZ: but just squared

devilishnyc: I hate unions
devilishnyc: all of them
HurricainFran: am I supposed to be doing something? Cuz I'm having an interesting conversation about vaginas with my roommate, so Im not really paying attention
RumberoNYK: people suck
MyDadIsAWeenie: devra and i have a cool idea
MyDadIsAWeenie: that involves replacing the transit workers with dominican immigrants
MyDadIsAWeenie: it will so work
MyDadIsAWeenie: abbi, why don't you share your story
MyDadIsAWeenie: you didn't even get into manhattan
OrangeX6: i worked from home
OrangeX6: but im walking tomorrow
MyDadIsAWeenie: from park slope?
OrangeX6: yeah
MyDadIsAWeenie: that's insane
OrangeX6: go me
OrangeX6: yeah
OrangeX6: thats part of the appeal
MyDadIsAWeenie: my mom told me to hitchhike
OrangeX6: thats what everyone did
RuSsIan MaRiAcHi has entered the room.
MyDadIsAWeenie: igor!
RuSsIan MaRiAcHi: yo
MyDadIsAWeenie: what is your stance on the strike
RuSsIan MaRiAcHi: umm i think its stupid
RuSsIan MaRiAcHi: but i am not in ny
RuSsIan MaRiAcHi: so i dont know much
MyDadIsAWeenie: but you will be
RuSsIan MaRiAcHi: si si
MyDadIsAWeenie: we need to find a pro-union person
MyDadIsAWeenie: hmmm
HurricainFran: Mediation! Mediation!
MyDadIsAWeenie: drunk erin, this is the last time i give you a mediation job
HurricainFran: thanks
MyDadIsAWeenie: drunk erin, what are your alcholic-drenched thoughts about the strike
HurricainFran: strikes...are good for hitting children
devilishnyc: THEY ARE
HurricainFran: Yay! Someone agrees with me!
MyDadIsAWeenie: whoa
MyDadIsAWeenie: that reminds me of a roald dahl novel
MyDadIsAWeenie: that no one else will admit they read
HurricainFran: Wasnt there one about a witch? I like witches.
MyDadIsAWeenie: it was called the witches
devilishnyc: the only good thing angelica ever did
MyDadIsAWeenie: what!
MyDadIsAWeenie: that isn't true!
devilishnyc: she is a big ugly man
MyDadIsAWeenie: um, addams family values anyone?
devilishnyc: yeah i guess.
devilishnyc: raul julia is my favorite
devilishnyc: i would do him
devilishnyc: but i can't cause he is dead
HurricainFran: Speaking of corpses, whatever happened to Ted Dansen?

RuSsIan MaRiAcHi: wooow wat is going on??
RuSsIan MaRiAcHi: i am so confused
MyDadIsAWeenie: we were discussing the merits or lack thereof of one angelica huston, and then necrophilia came up
RuSsIan MaRiAcHi: alrite my russian two cents are that Strikes sux, you cannot have unions striking against a communist government because a communist government is a Union in itself
RuSsIan MaRiAcHi: wait
MyDadIsAWeenie: ...
RuSsIan MaRiAcHi: we are not in communist govt
RuSsIan MaRiAcHi: ....
MyDadIsAWeenie: wow.
RuSsIan MaRiAcHi: alrite IR Final tomoro
RuSsIan MaRiAcHi: peace
MyDadIsAWeenie: does ir stand for inna rudman
RuSsIan MaRiAcHi: or Igor Rusinov for that matter
RuSsIan MaRiAcHi: budum ts
devilishnyc: WOW
MyDadIsAWeenie: WHOA
MyDadIsAWeenie: that looks like gibberish, but totally makes sense
devilishnyc: yeah
MyDadIsAWeenie: there fucking must be SOMEone that's pro-union
HurricainFran: want me to pretend to be pro-union?
MyDadIsAWeenie: what would you say in their defense
HurricainFran: the union rocks, man
MyDadIsAWeenie: why does the union rock
HurricainFran: because they have cops that fine me lots of money when I jump the turnstyle thingie
devilishnyc: I <3 unions
devilishnyc: per sempre
devilishnyc: that is a good argument
MyDadIsAWeenie: your arguments are thinner than calista
HurricainFran: I think she died

Swooo705 has entered the room.
Swooo705: emmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
MyDadIsAWeenie: i have a question
Swooo705: what upppppp
MyDadIsAWeenie: what is your position on the transit strike
Swooo705: okay
Swooo705: this is what i think
Swooo705: i was watching the news earlier and this guy really affected me
MyDadIsAWeenie: who was he
Swooo705: a guy who work for transit
MyDadIsAWeenie: YES
MyDadIsAWeenie: so you support their right to strike
Swooo705: they are getting paid nothingggggggggggg
Swooo705: cause from what the guy was saying he was like its so hard for me to suport my family
MyDadIsAWeenie: i feel like it would be harder to support them if he's on strike and the transit union gets fined $1 million a day
Swooo705: yeh
Swooo705: i have a question
Swooo705: if i were to go to the city tomorrow would i be able to get around?
MyDadIsAWeenie: that depends where you want to go
MyDadIsAWeenie: i mean, you can figuratively get anywhere, but it'll probably cost you
Swooo705: yeh

...and then my connection died and the conversation ended.


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