Thursday, June 16, 2005

Terri's Schiavo REALLY Permanent Vegetative State.

The Terri Schiavo case has (hopefully) reached its inglorious end. The story of a woman in a persistent vegetative state supposedly gripped the nation two months ago and provided a podium for all the right-to-lifers to stand on and harshly criticize the public for its apathy regarding the controlled killing of someone with virtually no cognitive ability and little chance of recovering. Was this story newsworthy though? Probably not. My beef with the Schiavo legal wrangling was that it took away from actual news, most notably the fall of the Krygyzstan government. While commentators prattled on about whether Michael Schiavo was a narcissistic cunt who had a fetish for pulling the plug on the incapacitated, actual history-in-the-making events were taking place and nobody knew about them unless they skimmed over the miniscule paragraph on A5 of the NY Times. There isn't a single person in the country who didn't feel uncomfortable watching a woman starve to death on national television, save a few sporadic nutjobs in the South gnawing on squirrel testicles, but it shouldn't have been their business. The fact that Terri Schiavo's parents and husband couldn't get along and had to spend thousands of dollars bitching at each other over Terri's care is sad and disconcerting, but it was a personal situation that never should have made it to the Senate floor.
I don't find the pro-life advocates in Washington nearly as annoying as the rapid abortion activists who like to take off their clothes whenever they want to drive a point home, but wasting our tax dollars so they could wax eloquent and shore up their Christian base was annoying and pointless. Congratulations, Bill Frist. You've somehow won the hearts of the already-converted evangelical Bible Belt, and become the Devil's spawn to boot. Leave these fucking people alone. Former Soviet satelliete states are trying to become thriving democracies and we're butting our noses into a personal family matter.
For other information on the autopsy report et cetera, check out the following links:
Patterico weighs in.
"Omg." The actual autopsy report.
Captain Ed has quite a bit to say:
Dr. Thogmartin's careful analysis could find no evidence that Terri had been abused, relying on contemporaneous medical records as well as his autopsy, but could determine no cause for her collapse. That's unfortunate, as the lack of finality on that point will mean that speculation will endure forever.
Weenie Brian will probably be miffed that I didn't include any left-wing commentary, which he can certainly do if he feels it worthwhile. My reason for not doing so was that most people on that side of the spectrum tend to either agree with me or are Communists.

Now, Kyrgyzstan. THERE'S a worthwhile subject.
This is Kyrgyzstan.

This is Krygyzstan's flag. I feel it looks like a sun with a Chinaman's mustache.

This is Krygyzstan's President, Kurmanbek Bakiyev. Notice the mustache sun behind him.

You could have known all of this two months ago, but the televised sight of a woman on an incubator probably distracted you.


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